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"Consider us lucky, because we met Mr. George Bocska when we needed him the most. We have been working hard on our way into the business; however there are so many factors which will affect the odds of success while the lease negotiation comes along. That’s when we found Mr. George Bocska, he is a most experienced and generous professional in the field with a huge public relation resources in Australia.

We were a bit nervous when we first met; George influenced us with his politeness
insightful ideas and his sense of humor, we exchanged some lease negotiation stories with each other and soon we realized that it would be so much easier if we have met George earlier.

George is also a professional analysis in statistics and business predictions, he subjectively analysis some of our current situations and provided efficient solutions in very timely manner, we had saved so much time with George’s help. We don’t have to be as confused, and always worrying about whether we are making the right decisions or not.

Mr. George Bocska is a person with great life experiences; he once helped quite a few Australian Based businesses from unknown to be famous national wide. Although He is one of the most respected professional consultants in the field in Australia; with him we have never felt there is the sense of distance.

If you have experienced the same kind of confusion once in the lease negotiations in your business, then you should contact Mr. George Bocska, you will know that the way to your business future is so much brighter with his help!

George Bocska 先生的。我们一直兢兢业业的经营我们的生意,但在租约谈判方面有时候有很多种因素影响我们成功的几率。在这个时候我们找到了George,他是一个经验丰富,乐观,而且有着巨大的人际关系资源的专家。




George Bocska,之后你就会发现有他的协助,很多事情和决定都要明朗许多!"
Anne Zhang (PTC Protec Pty Ltd) 14/10/2013

“Our medical centre at Erina Fair, had been operating for almost 8 years on a 10 year lease in a busy Lend Lease operated shopping centre. With two years to go it was our intention to remain in the same location. Shopping Centre’s have a well known system of increasing rents on well above CPI rates yearly, and when businesses are seen as being successful, this is the perfect situation for them to increase rents when a new term is sought. We were aware that it was Lend Lease’s intention to most likely seek an increase in our rent at the end of our term.

Although our business was successful, it was extremely vulnerable to downturns (mainly due to staffing) and as such we could not afford to have an increase in rent. The current rent levels were even extremely dangerous should there be a slight downturn in our staffing levels.

We were confident in our negotiating skills and had always done negotiating on our own, however, the circumstances we faced where rather difficult and we thought that some professional help was a good idea.

Looking back this proved to be a great decision. We did not know George but after doing some research and having a meeting with George, we decided to engage him for his lease negotiating services. Our request was to negotiate a renewal of our lease at rent levels some 30% below what they were currently. Dealing with a big corporation like Lend Lease, this was not going to be any easy task.

George set about the task in an extremely methodical, professional and tactical approach. Starting with meetings on his own (representing the medical centre), George set about laying a platform that would put us in a position to achieve our goals.

The process took over 8 months to achieve. The first 6 to 7 months was just down to correspondence and conversations between George and the lend Lease representatives. Once the foundation was laid, we were then able to meet the lend lease representatives (with George in attendance) and negotiate the final outcome.

I would like to thank George for his services. They proved to be extremely helpful. His insight, ability to read the situation and wealth of experience proved to be a great asset to our business. I am pleased to say that the end result was what we set out to achieve.”

Thanks again, Peter Carr (Director) Medical Centre

July 7, 2010 ... "Dear George Bocska, I want to sincerely thank you for all the help you gave during our rent negotiation. For me negotiating the rent for my store is one of the most important things I must do in order to run a successful business. The only problem is that I am not an expert at negotiating leases and I was never able to get the results I wanted. The issue for me was that I am too emotionally attached to my business and I would go into the negotiations with a clear plan only to be frustrated with how the centre treated me and would just give in. I decided I would bring someone in to help with my lack of experience and interviewed a number of specialists in this area. George came across as someone who had lots of experience but was also realistic and straightforward.  When we decided to work together we put together a plan. It was a great partnership because he took the emotions out of the negotiations and things went much smoother. It took more than 6 months but we got a great result saving more than $60,000 off our rent. I will be using George in the future for all my rent negotiations as I know it will be well worth it. Again I know my industry of how to buy and sell jewellery but I don’t specialise in negotiating rents and for this reason I always came up sort until now." Kind Regards, Jago Gavin, Tamanie Jewellers

“For some time our business operated under a lease that was not working for us. Yearly rent increases over the past fifteen years resulted in us paying over and above market rates for a business operating in similar sized premises. This combined with the GFC and overall downturn in the retail trading environment was impacting significantly upon our business. Added to this was the deterioration in our relationship with the Shopping Centre management. Within a short period of engaging FastTrak U Group, dialogue was established at a senior level. George was able to communicate unbiased professional advice and demonstrate our need for assistance. The outcome achieved was most positive and above what I would have been able to negotiate as an individual. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of FastTrak U Group Pty Limited.”

Regards, Noel Fergusson, Leading Edge Music, Warriewood

"We engaged George Bocska of FastTrak U Group Pty Ltd on the 17th July 2010 to help finalise a lease for a retail premise in a new Shopping centre that is to be built late 2011. We had been negotiating with the Leasing Agency since March 2010 and we knew that we didn’t have the experience or expertise to finalise the lease with the surety of knowing that we had achieved a satisfactory result. I must say since engaging Mr Bocska our stress level have been lowered, my blood pressure is now fine and my indigestion has been resolved! The saving along on Doctors visits, stress medication, Blood pressure tablets and toilet paper has certainly been a great help financially, these savings alone helped pay FastTrack U’s account. I don’t think George ever envisaged the length of time it was going to take to achieve this lease! But to his credit he kept on negotiating with the Leasing agent and finally we have signed a lease and George has achieved for us a more than substantial saving. I will list a few below
·  2 weeks extra gross rent free period (originally it was net) saving us $8920
·  $55,000 extra Fitout contribution
·  A shop front that was at the lessees expense (turned around) saving $95,000
·  1 month on the bank guarantee plus? (was supposed to be gross and 3months but now net) saving $17,493
·  Reduced the percentage rent from 10% to 5%
·  He had the surveyors fees reduced to zero saving $750
·  The design rev fee George save us $1000
·  The tenancy co-ord. fee  $1500 saving
·  Opening promo levy reduced by a $1000
·  On lease termination the words were Return to original? George has negotiated there was to be capped at $20,000 which will save a fortune if required in years to come. George negotiated a 30 square metre store room separate from tenancy for $0 per year! Yes $0.00 per year. FastTrak U Group Pty Ltd negotiated so well on the lease and tenancy fittout, that we have calculated that FastTrak U Group Pty Ltd have saved us over $200,000 over the 7 year lease. George’s sense of humour, his courteous advice, his stern advice and the expertise he gave us has been a great help and we are happy to be giving this testimonial."
George! Thank You, Regards, Kent Saunders, Southern Man Surf, 138 Princes Highway, ULLADULLA

"We engaged FastTrak U to help us renew our lease with a major shopping centre after experiencing some difficulties with the lease negotiations. FastTrak U was able to bring the negotiations back on track from a near hopeless position, and secure a lease for Wax Factor on much better terms than expected . Without FastTrak U's involvement Wax Factor would have certainly had to relocate it's premises at considerable unnecessary expense. I am sure if we had engaged FastTrak U at the beginning of our lease negotiation an even better outcome would have been achieved. We have found FastTrak U  to be very experienced and professional in their approach and we can highly recommend their services to other businesses."

Carl Brial Director Wax Factor Pty Ltd

"Just spoke with Kent and Martyn Saunders from Southern Man # 136989 (Surf shop in Ulladulla NSW south coast). I took the initial call from them on Tenancy and advised them to consider George as a professional negotiator on their behalf. They advise that they have saved approximately $80-100K over the life of their lease as a result of George’s expert advice and representation. They also have headed my advice on personal guarantees and legal structure and have had great success in limiting their liability. They are very happy to be part of a tenancy story, and would be happy to give a strong reference on George Bocska and the ARA Tenancy services. A great success story."
Cheers, Mike Leask


"I would like to thank George from Fasttraku for his expertise in securing a new Lease contract for my business. I believe just having Fasttraku associated with the negotiations helped to secure a favourable deal. George was great to work with, listening to my needs along the way. He took care of all negotiations and explained aspects of the Industry I knew little about. His knowledge of the Industry and its workings was fantastic. I would recommend Fasttraku to anyone looking for a better deal, thanks George" Neville Winter (Owner) Thurst Burst, Marketown

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